Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Great Thirty-One Gift Customer Special!!!

Some of you may know that I sell Thirty-One Gifts, which is a Christian Company that sells bags and gifts that can be embroidered. During the month of June Thirty-One has a GREAT customer special: For every $31 you spend you can order a Large Utility Tote (reg. $30) for only $9!!!

So what does this have to do with coupons?

First of all, I love to do my bargain hunting with my Large Utility Tote in my car to hold all of my grocery bags!!! It makes coupon shopping so much easier!!! I can carry all of my groceries in my house at one time!!!

I thought that I would also list my favorite Thirty-One products for coupon shopping:

Fold 'n Go Organizer with Notepad - $24
(pic from

With the Fold 'n Go you can write down your shopping list, hold your pen and calculator, plus keep your coupons in the pouch. This is perfect for couponers who don't want to take a binder into the store and want to use the "snack size baggy method" that I love!

Square Utility Tote - $24

(pic from www.thirtyonegiftsbymel)

I use the Square Utility Tote for storing all of my inserts that I have not cut yet. I simply write on the front cover of the insert the date the insert came out (you can find the date on the spine of the insert) and then place them in the Square Utility Tote in order. This helps me keep all my inserts in one place, yet have easy access to finding the coupon I need.

Organizing Utility Tote - $22

(pic from

I LOVE this product! I think every woman should have at least three of theses : ) This tote is perfect because it holds your binder and everything else you would want to bring shopping! 
Did I mention I LOVE this bag???

Large Utility Tote - $30 (Customer Special - only $9!!!)

This tote is a must have too!!! 
Like I mentioned before, I use mine in the back of my car to collect all my shopping bags when I go coupon shopping. When I get home I only have ONE bag to carry in!!!

So if you want to take advantage of 
the Thirty One June Special just:

2. click "Place an Order"
3. Click "Amanda's June Online Order"
4. Then shop like you would any other online store

Remember: If you live far from me, you can pay $4 extra to have your purchase delivered straight to your address!

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