Friday, July 8, 2011

Reorganizing my Coupons!

The system of how I am doing my coupons is exactly the same. I have just changed out my binder. I will explain how I organize in this post for anyone who may have not come to my workshop.

This is my new binder. I had been using a 1-inch binder, but that was becoming too small. This binder is a zip-around 1 1/2-inch binder. I found it on clearance at the Crossville Walmart. Now is a good time to buy a new binder because the school supplies are coming! This binder is apparently not the one they will be selling for the 2011-2012 school year - so it was reduced to $5!!!

Here is an inside look at my binder. I use baseball card holders as organizers for my coupons. I also have a pencil pouch to hold pens, calculator, and whatever else I need.  I like this binder because on the left side it has a few accordion slots. This is where I am storing my restaurant coupons and my portfolio (I describe my portfolio under the next photo). 

I also use a portfolio. I picked this one up at Walmart for around $5. This portfolio has 8 sections that each contain a clear pocket. I love this kind because each clear pocket also has a smaller clear pocket. I assign each store I shop at with a section. In that section I put the current sales ad, that store's coupon policy, and any other store-related thing I might need. In the small clear pocket I put my snack-sized baggy full of the coupons I plan to use that week at that store. 

I TRY to organize my coupons every Sunday. When I get my coupon inserts, I cut and organize my coupons. Then within the first few days of the week I will research the deals I am going to try to do that week. Then I organize my snack-sized baggies. This works well because I have all my coupons organized and ready even if I need to make an unexpected trip to the store!


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